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Automated Legionella Compliance

IoT Smart Building Solutions

Legionella risk assessments frequently call for taps to be monitored. In practice this means running them for two minutes and recording the temperature. This is a significant cost in man time and management. The records must be stored for years and the test regime will run indefinitely.

NFC has developed an automatic flushing and temperature testing unit, that can be dynamically controlled on the Genius smart building platform. This allows tests to be scheduled according to needs and all the reports generated automatically. The system removes human error from the testing, record keeping and reporting process. This significantly reduces the costs associated with maintaining the business’s legionella risk assessment and monitoring.


Depending on the outcome of your organisation’s legionella risk assessment, the Professional Services Unit or Facilities Management Team will layout site legionella tests as required.

The standard process requires the printing of documents separated into applicable areas and residencies, and distribution to relevant House Services Supervisors.

This then becomes a labour intensive request for both management and administration, with several procedures required to be in place to ensure compliance, with manual logging and reviewing of test returns.

The NFC Legionella Systems can automate this process. It can provide weekly reports by email or online and maintain the base data in the Genius platform for years, should additional copies be required.

Legionella Compliance

Key System Benefits

Real-time monitoring and reporting of all required water outlets.

Automated routine flushing at clients’ required intervals.

Client configurable reporting schedules from once a day to once per month.

Five years of historical data on interactive platform.

Output to both CSV and PDF historical records for compliance and audit.

Automatic temperatures testing and real time reporting as per clients’ requirements.

Real time alarm notifications if temperature thresholds exceeded + or – values.

Automatic time stamping and creation of ‘further action required’ documentation.

Battery powered devices, clients’ choice from 1 to 3 years (with automatic battery alerts).

Meets all health and safety requirements.

Meets all food hygiene standards.

Real time email alarm notifications to designated client contacts.

System works over the Orion Data Network making is cost-effective and simple to run.

Removes human errors whilst automating the legionella compliance process.

Improves workforce utilization by freeing-up their time to work on other tasks.

The NFC Legionella Systems

The unit is small and compact. It is designed to fit any sink, shower or designated sentinel tap using simple ready-to-install industry standard fittings.

NFC have designed and built the real-time online management platform Genius. It is based on technologies from NFC’s Orion Data Network, a unique low cost UHF network being deployed around the UK and many other parts of the world.

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Main Benefits

As well as being able to provide real time legionella risk assessment management, the Genius platform is able to offer a wide range of additional smart building management applications. All sensors are battery powered for quick and easy retrofitting (with optional wired input).

Real time asset tracking. The platform can track all assets indoors and out.

On demand asset audit. Manage your entire estate under one platform.

Real time gas & electricity usage, and historical usage data.

Water in and out usage, in order to manage bills and reduce cost.

CO sensors, real-time monitoring and alarm notifications.

Air Quality – HVAC, real-time monitoring of air quality and historical data.

Fire sensor, optional automated fire suppression system.

Fire door opening alarm and real-time monitoring.

Fire extinguisher management, deployment and maintenance alerts.

Real time leak detection, pipes, carpets, roofs. etc.

Tamper detection for cabinets, rooms, places of high importance.

Defibrillators real-time management of temperature and battery alerts.

Automated fire muster point confirmation for staff and visitors.

Smoke detector alarms, maintenance and battery alerts.

Chiller temperature thresholds, management and historical data.

Real-time parking management system.

Intruder alerts.

Tank level alerts.

Bin level alerts.

Desk occupancy.

Room occupancy.

Visitor tracking.

Some NFC clients

NFC Group, the owners and creators of the Orion Data Network have wide range of high profile clients. Examples include:

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