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Genius provides state-of-the-art smart building solutions. Battery powered, wire free and low cost IoT technology. UK designed and built smart sensor technology. Put an end to scheduled maintenance, utilize your buildings efficiency whilst benefiting from real-time alerts and facilities management tools. Manage your building in real time – from automated Legionella testing to power management and utilities management systems.

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Bespoke Smart Building Solutions

Real time building visibility

  • Real time notifications and alarms

  • Check key site assets in real time.

  • Fire systems notifications and alerts

  • Real time asset tracking

Streamline Energy Consumption

  • Monitor and manage energy usage

  • Reduce costs and identify energy wastage

  • Conditional logic energy management

  • Reduce your carbon footprint

Real time management systems

  • Facilities management in real time.

  • Automated compliance reporting

  • Automated legionella testing

  • One global management platform

Automed Legionella Testing

  Legionella testing is both time-consuming and expensive. The Genius platform, designed in partnership with NFC and SLS Corp, has manufactured a real-time cost-effective automated legionella testing system. Retrofitted, quick and easy to install at low cost, the system automatically flushes any water point it’s connected to at predefined intervals whilst simultaneously sending real-time water temperatures and alerts. Completely remove the requirement for scheduled legionella maintenance and store historical data for years on end. The systems brings your business inline with government legionella compliance regulations.
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Smart Building Capabilities

Genius transform both new and old buildings alike into cutting edge Smart Buildings. SIM and wire free with battery life lasting years on end sending data in real time.

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Genius smart lights are a straight forward like for like swap out with your existing bulb.  The integrated LED houses a smart tag giving you complete remote control of your lighting systems. Choose from any colour or lighting temperature. Set specific times and automatic shutdown if unoccupancy is detected.


Commercial buildings can use millions in energy a year. Automatically streamline your energy usage using the Genius hardware adapter – both commandon and three pin socket solutions available. Real time energy monitoring solutions, reduce energy costs by reducing spikes in power.


A lost of companies simply don’t know that turning on all your factory machine in one go causes a spike in you peak power usag. This in turns bumps you up onto a higher tariff causing you necessary additional expenditure. Genius peak power systems regulate the startup process and manage in real time your companies peak power usage. Gain complete control and visibility of your electricity and high usage machines.


HVAC is one of the most important smart building functionalities our larger clients request. Knowing your building is providing a perfect ongoing working environment is key to any successful work or living space. Gain complete remote control of your HVAC systems, set thresholds and conditional logic to maintain your buildings ecosystem in real time using the Genius software platform.


Genius submetering systems provides real time information energy usage on any given machine. Submetering also provide separate billing solutions for blocks of flats or apartments that have to split bills equally. Gain precise gas & electric usage information on an individual basis. Compare and contrast your power usage of that declared by your energy provider.


Empty meeting room,  unauthorised access, lights left on: automed presence sensors for NFC working over the Orion Data Network and the Genius platform provide real time information at your fingertips. Be alerted when someone enters and leaves the room. If lights have been left on they can be automatically shutdown to reduce energy cost.

Smart Buildings Facilitate a Smarter Workplace


Real time visibility of your entire estate accessed via one easy to use web based management platform. Collect data insights and store securely in our UK data centre.

Advanced data insights, fiver years of historical data enables better understanding into your buildings use for optimisation and reduced spend.

Automated Legionella flushing and temperature testing. System automatically caries out all the procedures to fall in line with Legionella compliance.

Real time asset tracking indoors and out. AA battery sized hardware that last for years on a single charge. Gather data, analyse, monitor, act.

Reduce energy cost with wireless battery powered smart meters, peak usage warnings and peak power output management. Download fives years of data with a single click.

Your senors our platform. Simple integration for any existing sensors onto the Genius platform enabling single point of facilitates management from a single portal anywhere in the world.

Orion Data Network

The Orion Data Network from NFC, is a first of its kind privately owned real time data network. SIM free, with coverage ranging from 1 to 15 kilometers. All tags and sensors run independently of wired power and talk back to the Orion gateway in real time. In essence, the Orion gateway creates a ‘bubble’ of coverage, any tagged assets within range are now apart of the network and all tags talk to all gateways creating one seamless network. NFC has been deploying Orion gateways since 2013 around the world with a UK national network expected sometime in late 2019.

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